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Tucker & Dale vs. Evil - 3 / 5

Lightweight horror comedy about two lovable hillbillies who get mistaken for chainsaw-wielding serial killers by some college kids on a camping trip. While it's not an overly special film, it is quite funny, and the various ways in which the college kids manage to accidentally kill themselves make for a few good laughs.
I'd expected a larger role for Alan Tudyk, though. He's Tucker from the title, but it's Dale that gets the most screen time. While that doesn't hurt the film, it's a bit of a shame for me, because Alan Tudyk is one of those comedy actors whose very presence alone will make me chuckle. Personally, I think he's hilarious, but underused in this film.
All in all: a fun no-brainer with several laughs and blood splatters, a combination I like...
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