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Jackel ,i say lets start with everyone (who want to participate) to mention 10 games (of his/her) of all time...
sure with the differences between all the readers age and the years of playing adventures , there will be a some huge conflicts; which i guess would be cool at the end, as for example an adventurer since the early 80's would choose King Quest's , 90's would choose the longest journey , 2000 might choose syberia's and so on ..there will be other coflilects nevertheless like 1st person fans and 3rd person's ... BUT at the end it will lead to a good reason and fair one though enough i guess.

The point i think we can start by everyone post 10 games (i repeat myself) without any order and we can see which games haved been repeated the most in alll of the lists .. then we can make a poll depends on that, from the less repeated (say 10 choices for each poll) to the most repeated .

of course this should/must take a looong while until we make sure that most of the reader/members had participated ...And.. there we go ..
one more thing ought to use the facebook page through this quest as FB has many cool interaction tools as (iLike) questions polls as (For Ex.) we can vote on a game by counting how many like it gets ....etc

i can start to post my 10 games now but rather wait until (maybe) we can reach some kind of brain-storming interaction here, that can set up ALL the rules for this list issue.

that was my start, anyone else?

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