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I think I can somewhat follow from what you wrote some time ago but I don't see the connection to yet another list.
You seem to be quite confident that said list would be more to your liking e.g. no BOUT and Woodruff, Riven and KQ at the top. (Thus helping the "right" developers? Help them how exactly? Do you think even the official list provided more than a little ego boost for developers, if they even heard about it and cared? First place, now that's something. Number 84? Not so much.)
Might be. But chances are you'd be unpleasantly surprised.
Difficulty is but ONE aspect of an adventure game. While you value it highly others might prefer different aspects. People like Gabe would take part in such a survey, too, surely and he seems to have quite the strong opinion 'bout BOUT. (Hint: I suspect he likes it.) Heck, even I would sooner replay BOUT than Riven if I absolutely had to compare them. And I rather wouldn't because it makes little sense to me. Riven is without doubt quite close to perfection in its niche, I can respect that, and I had fun with it. But in the end it's not my kind of game.
Myst I'd add grudgingly for its historical relevance. Of which BOUT has none, so it might indeed not be in my list at all. It all depends on the criteria. Myst in, BOUT out. BOUT in, Myst out. And better don't ask me about ranking them.

So what I'm saying is: If you want to hear the voice of adventure players all over the world or even just users on this site: They'll speak with many voices (opinions) and you won't reach nearly enough of them to draw relevant conclusions in the first place. On top of that you'll better be prepared to accept an unexpected outcome or be prepared to rig the poll to your liking.
You can do it just for fun, of course, but it's getting old in my opinion and right now the timing is really bad because of the Aggies. But then here I go again and apparently like to talk about it.

Perhaps you could look for like minded people and try to think about something you could do specifically for the kind of adventures you like.
That would be a more predictable route if that's your goal and a better way to invest your energy.


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Seeing as the average number of "Top 100" games played by those members who responded was under 50%, it's hard to see how a member-based rating would have much statistical relevance.

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