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First let me say you are free to do whatever you want. And I should probably just shut up if I'm not interested. On the other hand the motivation for this new list seems to be to make a "better" or more democratic list than the staff did.
I bet you'd have a hard time to find someone here who fully agrees to their Top100. That's the nature of the beast. We can bitch, we can moan and we can express our opinions in the comments and threads. And so we (you) did. That's part of the fun. Some made their own smaller list. Plus there are top20 threads and so forth. So what I'm saying is: I'm not interested to see yet another list. The aggies are coming up and people will focus on that.

Now here comes the (kinda) helpful part:
I, too, think 100 is way to much and you will invest a lot of work that nobody will really care about. Your last poll had a meager 40 participants. (It was interesting, though, since it was a new question.)
Let's say you'll find 100 voters who are willing to work through 100 games.
That's still far too few people to be anywhere near relevant. Find 10 people who love Worstadventureofalltime and it will score pretty high. Even when it comes to good adventures, people have vastly different tastes, as shown by the top20 of the top100. Who really cares in what exact order they are ranked. (K, quite a few people, apparently.)
In my head I scratched Portal from that list. ( And decided to play Last Express.)
I don't need a new list for that or to see Monkey Island a few steps higher.

And in the end, some will complain. (I'm already complaining now but that's partly because I don't like rankings very much. )
And then? Do another list?
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