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Man on a ledge

Sam Worthington plays a cop thrown in jail for stealing a diamond. Desperate to prove he is innocent he escapes from jail and stands of a ledge of a New York Hotel threatening suicide.

Sounds lame and of course there is more to this than just the Ledge. It's all an elaborate plot and diversion.

Movie was ok, but it was painfully obvious who the real bad guys were from the beginning of the film.


The Muppets

Hilarious walk down nostalgia lane with a movie that is spot on about the fate of the Muppets in modern kids minds.

A plot to destroy the Muppet theater has Kermit get the band back together for one more show to raise money, prove that they are not yesterdays news and stop the bad guy.

Some really funny songs, lots of Muppet references and all the old favourite characters make for one very funny movie that is constantly playing with the audience.

I was in 80's heaven.

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