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Went to see the Belgian movie "Tot Altijd" (which translates as "Until Forever"), about the life of Mario Verstraete, the man who had an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis and was one of Belgium's front-runners in the fight to get euthanasia legalised. He consequently was the first to exercise his right at euthanasia after it'd been legalised in 2002.

While a good and very well acted film (both leads do a very good job), the film is a bit disjointed. The first half is just a collection of thinly interwoven scenes to "let us get to know the main characters" and the second half - while emotional at times - tries a bit too hard to get the tear ducts overflowing...

Good, but flawed. I'd give it 3 / 5.
That's the same as I gave director Nic Balthazar's debut Ben X. That one was also "good but flawed".
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