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To be honest, I think that things like the Aggies and the recent top 100 should outrage people to a certain degree.

There is a wide range of opinion on this site about what defines adventure games and opinion of specific games. There is probably no-one else on this whole site who I completely agree with on any of these points (including you wonderful staff people!), and many people who I completely disagree with. I expect most people are in the same boat.

Ultimately I have to recognise that it is not "my" top 100 and not "my" award ceremony so it would be frankly extraordinary if it reflected my own views and tastes.

Personally I don't see either the top 100 or the aggie nominations as a let down, even if I personally seriously disagree with them (and I certainly do on at least some areas).

After all people here don't want to see my top 100 or my award ceremony, but what the official site thinks and (for my money) more impartantly what the reader's poll shows.

I won't agree with all of it and I am already outraged that Gabriel Knight wasn't no. 1 in the top 100! but in a good way and I am not disappointed with the results of the actual site top 100 or the aggie nominations.
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