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Ah quit nitpicking...

At least my plot summary isn't as spoiler-ish as Rotten Tomatoes' or the IMDb's.

Originally Posted by TimovieMan View Post
Besides, the film is more about Robin Williams' character study than about the actual plot...

If you're both scared of and sympathetic towards Robin Williams' "Sy the Photo Guy" then director Mark Romanek has succeeded.
Well, I wouldn't say I was 'scared' - I'm a lot tougher than that - but his actions would be considered 'creepy'.

Deja Vu

Now here's an action thriller film that I've had no interest in watching whatsoever. The things I've read about it seemed to suggest it's a typical Hollywood action/thriller, but my family kept insisting I watch it as they said it was very good and had a good story. Yeah right...

I decided to watch it to shut them up, and - big-surprise! - I found it very 'meh'. The time-travel story isn't anything new - it's been done countless times - along with trying to prevent someone's death or preventing an accident from taking place. I found the first half boring and the whole time travel/space explanation sounded completely bollocks to me. The second half seemed to be somewhat more interesting, which has a more faster and action oriented pace, but overall I found the film to be very average.

Not a film I need to see again...

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