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Originally Posted by ozzie View Post
If it isn't a game, what is it?
"Interactive story" isn't a term of much help, because that could also refer to choose-your-own-adventure books, and to video games with more gameplay than Dear Esther has. Adventure games, at least most of them, are also interactive stories, no?
There is no other term for it. Interactive literature? A choose your own adventure also ventures into the realm of pass or fail scenarios resembling a game.

Whats a dvd menu? Its an interactive medium but not a game. Interactive stories is the best term as long as 'game' isn't used in conjunction with it.

Whats an interactive art piece in a gallery? Is it a game? No. Its an interactive painting.

EDIT: Actually it can be considered an Interactive Piece of Art since a lot of it can be interpreted in many ways, without the confines of a game.
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