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In the mod, you walk in the environment and sometimes you trigger audio narration (some kind of poems, with not much of a coherence overall).

You're not really in control of anything except the walking part. I guess deciding what environment you want to stare at and for how long, would indeed distance it from a movie, yeah. Other than that it's pretty much a very linear experience that 'plays' without you doing much.

I'd recommend playing the mod before you pay money for it, but hey... it's your money.
Originally Posted by ozzie View Post
I remember once playing around with software for architectural purposes when I was young, like it was a game...and afaik, Will Wright did the same, hence the inspiration for The Sims.
Playing around with architectural/modelling software like it was a game, does not make it a game. No matter how much you play with it
And i'm quite sure that's not what inspired Will Wright to make The Sims; he has quite a background of making simulations and after his Sim series he wanted to make a more complex simulation hence The Sims and Spore.
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