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I guess I really should play Dear Esther before taking part in this discussion, but my understanding is that the player controls the pace of his experience?
I mean, a movie is pretty much an unstoppable force that rushes by. You can't take it at your own pace, the movie dictates the pace. With books, on the contrary, you can take them in as slow or fast as you want. The same with comics, of course.
I guess that might set Dear Esther apart from a movie, that you can decide when to take the next step, when you heard and saw enough from a certain place in the environment, and when you want to progress. It basically uses an audio-visual medium to create the pace of a book, something which movies aren't able to offer.

But really, I should play it...

You're navigating through a simulated environment in an implied perspective with a goal while working in 3D Studio MAX, so by your logic these 3 variables are enough to qualify it as being a game. 3D Studio MAX (and other modelling software) is a game by your logic. You really have to see there is a flaw in your logic.
I remember once playing around with software for architectural purposes when I was young, like it was a game...and afaik, Will Wright did the same, hence the inspiration for The Sims.

Either that, or your definition of games allows mostly anything to fit.
Same goes for John Cage's 4′33″ and music.

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