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Originally Posted by Peter254 View Post
Not to further the argument, but to clarify on my own belief: the mechanics in Dear Esther are still gameplay, and thus it qualifies as interactive.
Originally Posted by Peter254 View Post
...but it is my belief that design choices like these still qualify as gameplay.
But, that's the thing: there are no mechanics in Dear Esther.
There is literally nothing to do, you just walk from point A to point B to hear narration. That is forced interactivity,... it's like saying that clicking the mouse button during a cutscene conversation (to advance to the next line of dialog) is a gameplay mechanic :/

So it's not that it's not as dynamic as Canablt. It's that there is no gameplay mechanic. Canabalt had a timed-jumps mechanic. Dear Esther is just a story that requires you to press the arrow key to hear the next chapter in the story...
Originally Posted by Peter254 View Post
If you disagree, then this is simply where our paths diverge into different modes of thought.
I guess we agree to disagree, because to me Dear Esther is a non-game while to you it is a game that has gameplay mechanics.

@Guyra: read my Canabalt argumentation above, because it's the same with snake. Here:
Originally Posted by Shuyin View Post
pressing a button in Canabalt is actually a gameplay mechanic: you have to time your jumps - that's the gameplay element. User input (interactivity) in Canabalt is intrinsicly tied to gameplay.
Snake has a set of rules that make a gameplay mechanic: to actively change direction in order to avoid dying and in order to pickup dots that help you grow. That's a gameplay mechanic.
Dear Esther's set of rules (or gameplay mechanic) is to walk from point a to point b to hear the next part of narration. If you say that's a gameplay mechanic, i could argue that page-turning while reading a book is actually a gameplay mechanic (it involves the same level of interaction as Dear Esther) and you'd be unable to contradict me without contradicting yourself.

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