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Originally Posted by Shuyin View Post
If you don't mind the lack of interactivity/gameplay and you don't mind paying for it, try it. In the mod, IIRC there was a random aspect of when the voiceovers appeared so there was less coherency to the story. Don't know if it'll be the same or not in the game, but if it is there won't be much of a story either. Just a heads up
He can't see my post and he still hasn't read the interview from the developer. hahaha

@louiedog: As quoted by the developer in reply to a 'should i play original or remake'.

chineseroom Feb 14 2011, 11:32pm replied:
I'd wait if you can - although the game has evolved, the central spine of the story is the same (of course), and the overall asset quality will be much higher.... Dan

Since this is a story centric game, wait for the remake as graphics matter the most when it comes to immersion and experience of a story. The original was beautiful but the graphics held the experience back.

@Peter: Over on moddb someone asked why the hell is the game not a movie then. Someone said, well wouldn't that defeat the purpose of immersion? Having the control over a character is more immersive than staring at a screen. The experiences are two completely different things and people just don't realize that the INTERACTION is what makes it a game and different from a non-interactive movie.

EDIT: Aw damn, I thought Home was released and that I can play it.
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