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I think there is a line of abstraction one would have to cross in order to lump linear point-and-click gameplay into the same category as the page-turning of a book. Our difference of opinion forks right here: I do not believe they are one and the same. User input, a guided interface, and a sense of perspective is also what goes into the execution, among many other factors that contribute to the feel and immersion of game design. For example, just because the user input in a game like Canabalt is limited to a single button on a linear map, I do not believe it is identical to reading my Kindle.

I'm not here to discuss the quality of Dear Esther. It probably is made up of very passive gameplay, and I'd likely not enjoy the original mod. I don't know if the remake is fun or not, but that hasn't been the focal point of my argument. My interest towards the remake extends beyond the vocabulary of "fun." It looks like a fascinating experiment that I believe should be applauded more often than not, especially within the traditionalist, stifled realms of the adventure genre.

And, anyway, all this theory aside, I am of the opinion that it does indeed look like simple, moody fun to be able to explore that gloomy, gorgeous island.

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