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Originally Posted by Trunkyo View Post
I've only read up to volume 6 of 20th Century Boys... With all of the other titles I'm collecting, it sort of took a backseat to other series.
I can relate. I don't have loads of series at the go, but some series do tend to take a bit of a backseat once I start focusing on another one; it's very easy to get sidetracked.

The English-language release by Viz Media is currently up to volume 18 but should be finished by December with volume 2 of 21st Century Boys (hmm, December 2012, quite fitting, don't you think??? )
I have all volumes added to my 'Wish List' on amazon... According to amazon (UK and US), volume 22 should be out around 7 August...

Have Viz confirmed they're publishing 21st Century Boys? If they are, I didn't know. I'll probably be halfway through 20th... by the time they're released.

Assuming the End doesn't occur by then, I'll probably wait until I collect the whole series before resuming with volume 7.
To be honest, I wish more publishers would release box sets once they've finished with a series. Trouble is with 20th... there are that many volumes, a box set would be very expensive! Not only that, but it would probably only get a limited release.

I've seen the first live-action movie and it follows the manga pretty closely.
I've read the movies have received some flak... I'll still check them out though, but after I've finished the manga. I'm surprised an anime series hasn't been done; one was done for Monster.

(I just realized, what's scary is the fact that even after a year-and-a-half since I posted that list, I still have about 200 unread volumes! )
Whoa!! You must have quite the collection! I only have about 2 shelves full...


I wasn't expecting anyone else to contribute to the thread - apart from my question(s) to Trunk, I thought this thread was long dead?
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