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Originally Posted by Ascovel View Post
To me The Dark Eye (the one from 1996) is the best example of a great game/interactive experience with plenty of intense exploration interactions, but without any puzzles. Sometimes it could still use additional interactivity, but when it works (during the nights and in the dreams), it's truly incredibly immersive stuff.

However, continuously walking down the only possible path in Dear Esther (with the possibility of going back) is barely interactive anything. I do hope they at least make the exploration of the island less linear in the new release.
I absolutely agree. the Dark Eye is a better example of doing it right, but you still can't say Dear Esther isn't an adventure. Just not the traditional way of making a game.

I want to see someone make a Dark Eye prototype in UDK. That would be fun. It may not be completely interactive besides movement and exploration, it still is interactive. The point is, its still and adventure. Just not the traditional method.

"It's a very simple game to play. You move around and look around freely, but everything is delivered automatically to you. So as you travel, you trigger voice-overs, music, sound effects, all of which work with this beautiful, desolate and massively atmospheric environment to create this immersive story. There's also a lot of details in the environment, all of which add new depth and meaning to the narrative. So depending on where you are, and what you do, you'll come away with a completely different take on what is going on. The ambiguity of the story is really about that as well, and the fact that the voice-overs and some of the environmental details are all randomised, so no two players are likely to get exactly the same version of events."

"makes Crysis look like Minecraft."

Great article on why your opinion is weak and really doesn't describe why Dear Esther is innovation...haha funny if you don't see innovation in something so simple, then we are heading in the wrong direction in terms of what this guy is trying to accomplish.
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