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Originally Posted by Shuyin View Post
The graphics actually look very nice, especially the artstyle. From a technical pov however, i would tend to agree to Kotaku...low-poly, kind of low-res textures. Where i disagree with Kotaku is that not all games need to look like Battlefield 3 or Crysis. As long as the graphics fit the game (from an artistic pov) all is well.

You seem confused. It's not an interactive movie but an adventure game because you can explore the area? Really, now... We must have very different views over interactivity and what adventure games are then, because i comepletely disagree with you. Dear Esther is definitely not a game. Just because it is sold to you as a game, doesn't mean it is one.
So its all technical? Last time I checked, its all about making everything look natural and Dear Esther does that better than even Battlefield 3. Its the best looking environment ever.

BTW, i'm talking about the game not the mod, and you are acting like the game's out. Its not. "Just because it is sold to you as a game, doesn't mean it is one." That does not even make sense since you obviously are talking about the mod not the game.
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