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Put these old QT files in the base of the installed folder and set your resolution to 16-bit color. The display of the game is 640x480, so you may want to also set Obsidian.exe to run at 640x480 in the compatibility mode settings.

If you have x64 Windows, You will have the additional problem that the installer is just 16-bit, so it will not run on x64. If you had the foresight to get Win7 Pro or Ultimate, you can use XP Mode to install it and then just copy the folder over to your physical drive. If you only have the Home edition, you will need to find another PC with with 32-bit Windows or setup a VM with 32-bit Windows to do it. This is one o the main reasons that I write new installers for older Windows games. Often, they are 32-bit games that don't take much to get to run, but won't install on modern Windows.
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