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Originally Posted by diego View Post
Let me guess, the next review will come from GK2?
That's exactly what I was intending to do. I hate you.

Finding a new quote is actually much harder that I thought it'd be. How about this:
I read many glowing reviews on this game, supplied by online sources, but recently found out that a lot of the reviewers didn't actually play the game, and were parroting what someone said. SO the commerical reviews tend to be all very similar. After playing just an hour of this game, it bored me to death but I still ploughed on with it, and at times found myelf falling asleep. The game is very slow, the characters flat, and the story is uninteresting. The writer of this game tried to induce some sympathy for XXXX's character but in my opinion it makes me hate her even more. XXXX's character movement is rubbish...she manages to walk and run, but when it comes to going up or down stairs, she moves like a 70 year old. The game is very poor, and should not be compared to The Longest Journey as it falls well short of that.
I love how the guy blames "commercial reviewers" for not having played the game, but he gives his opinion after playing for one hour.
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