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Originally Posted by gray pierce View Post
Not because of JJ, obviously her role consists of phoning the production team every two months and talking to the head honcho for like 5 me.
Actually, that's not quite accurate. The story could have been something completely different without Jane's involvement. She's come in at every critical turning point of the story and has indeed help steer it into the direction she finds necessary by providing paragraphs and paragraphs of her thoughts --She never overviews even the smallest of details and is very strong about picking the best pieces of the story and condensing it into what's shaping up to be a fantastic story about loss/grief and the way the different characters deal with it --In a way, the thematic is similar to that of Gray Matter from that point of view.

But rest assure, Jane and the team of writers and designers are talking constantly. It is our goal to continue to work with Jane in the future, after Cognition, and we've formed a very strong relation with her as we worked on another project with her in the past months --something that is on hold for the moment.

It is not Jane's story, but she's helped shape a great story into something fantastic and very strong. She'll be doing the same with the puzzles as soon as she gets her hands in the final script and we continue to work on the series, and she will be playtesting the game as soon as the first build is ready, to provide full feedback.

Jane's goal, first and foremost, is to make sure that this game is something that is of a good enough quality for her to attach her name to it. For that, she requested a contract where she would be paid a minimum amount of hours that would allow her to accomplish this goal.

She's an awesome person to work with, and I feel very blessed for the opportunity of working with her. The way she sees things, connects them, and trims the fat is very awesome. I'm very strong when it comes to having a direction of a story, but with her, I feel very comfortable to let her come in and readjust things. Because of that, I start seeing things where I previously didn't, and it helps me greatly to simplify where things are complicated (and doesn't need to be).

Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller will have Jane's stamp on it, even if, again, it's not a story she came up with herself.

Thanks for your support We are doing our best to deliver what could become one of the best adventures of 2012!
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