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Originally Posted by Fien View Post
You look smashing, SweetD. I like Lady Kestrel's saucy hat too. And my Robert and Anna look great too in the hatsies Diego made them so they could kiss under the mistletoe. (Thanks Diego!) Wish I could say the same about zobraks...
Thanks Fien Your The Last Express characters look adorable with those hats. Lady Kestrel's new avi is so cute, too

Originally Posted by zobraks View Post
No way, folks! Even if I weren't reluctant to put an old, fat, grey, ridiculously attired guy as my avatar (me being young, slim, blond and a smart dresser - think Jude Law in Alfie Attachment 3002Attachment 3003), the problem is I no longer have the original avatar picture I now use on this forum (to replace the Da Vinci Santa in due time) and I'm so attached to it.
Khmh, hmh, well you're definitely not young and I'm not sure about the other things either, so you can't be Alfie , so basically it wouldn't be so bad if you put the ol' santa as your avi
Whispers: I think he's quite adorable
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