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Originally Posted by zobraks View Post
Just imagine me having an avatar like this:

That would be downright weird.
Originally Posted by SweetDalilah View Post
You should really put that as your avatar. Who's with me on this one?
Originally Posted by Fien View Post
No way, folks! Even if I weren't reluctant to put an old, fat, grey, ridiculously attired guy as my avatar (me being young, slim, blond and a smart dresser - think Jude Law in Alfie Name:  smug_guy.gif
Views: 110
Size:  441 BytesName:  kreza.gif
Views: 106
Size:  155 Bytes), the problem is I no longer have the original avatar picture I now use on this forum (to replace the Da Vinci Santa in due time) and I'm so attached to it.

Originally Posted by Lady Kestrel View Post
I love your DaVinci Python Santa, Zobraks!
Thank you, Lady K! That's why I use it as avatar at Mystery Manor during the Holiday Season .
The rest of the year I'm (more appropriately) a Devil .
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