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Ive said it before and Ill say it again. Your guys work is freaking bad ass. I would take any one of those backgrounds and frame it!

I'd love to have the technical know-how to develop my own engine. Dont get me wrong, Visionaire is really really good-but there are some 'sacrifices' that I've had to make for the technical limitations of the engine.
Nicely however, I have contacted the guys who are behind the engine, and they have been very willing to add in a whole lot of feature requests.
Interestingly, your sketch books look exactly like mine. Although they are perhaps a little more organised!

Im constantly drawing on EVERYTHING, so I decided to buy a big 3 hole-punch file, and divide it all up like that. But when you go through the file, you find drawings and notes on the back of menu's, work notes, receipts...

Fantastic work guys. Just truly inspiring stuff!
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