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About how long did production take on the original release of Chapter 1? I recall seeing coverage on various sites about it, and for some reason I assumed it took you about one year to make (excluding the brainstorming/idea phase). Is that about right? (Offhand, I also remember an assumed release date of Chapter 2 around late 2011. Not sure if I made that up or if I saw it somewhere.)

Random: The Journey Down has the feel of Grim Fandango more than any other adventure game I can think of. Is this deliberate?

Productions like this are inspiring. I'm relieved to find out that the original release was mainly a single-handed effort. Because it's reassuring to know that quality products can be made without resorting to huge expenses; or worse, relying on strangers you've recruited over the internet to share your vision and stick with it to the end. Yes, you have your own production house of skilled coders and animators...but you've confirmed that Chapter 1 was still created with minimal means, and remains largely an auteur vision.

I don't know if you've heard about it, but this guy is single-handedly making his own isometric adventure game, using Visionaire Studio. Along with The Journey Down, and even Gemini Rue, it's compelling me to make my own adventure game. Someday. Maybe.

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