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Originally Posted by Uninvited Ghost View Post
Speaking of Jane Jensen, and to a lesser extent, King's Quest...


I've already preordered/supported...
I didn't put that one on the list because I'm not so sure we'll see that series in 2012 but...I'm so spyched about this series (pun intended) Not because of JJ, obviously her role consists of phoning the production team every two months and talking to the head honcho for like 5 minutes. But just look at the story and the trailer, and of course Romano Molenaar's awesome artwork. (He is credited as Art Director but the art does strongly remind me of his style so obviously somewhere he had a hand in it) I think this will be a truely dark thrillerseries in the veign of Still Life.

What is Haunted?
That would be the new Deck13 game about a girl in Victorian London who meets a strange bunch of ghosts and goes on an adventure. Seems pretty fun to me.
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