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Originally Posted by diego View Post
I'm still waiting for Fien's confession. And i want to hear something more than: "Haven't played TLE this year"
I reckon in her case it's more like "Haven't played TLE this month!" .

Now, on topic: I'm not sure if those are sins, but I didn't finish GK 1 (stupid bug! ), never started a Tex Murphy game ever and I've played Sam & Max Hit the Road only seven times Name:  opanachke.gif
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There are plenty other adventures I never got to play (and I plan to) but it would be too long a list to bring it here.

My friend So There would probably pour a couple of buckets of pig sh*t on me to hear I often use UHS Reader hints and MaGtRo's walkthroughs when I'm stuck in an adventure game (specially those I didn't like ).

That's it from me in a confession booth . For the time being.
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