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Crud! I'm playing L.A. Noire, I'm still at the traffic desk, and already the game is starting to annoy me.

My initial "ZOMG! This game is beautiful!!!" shock-and-awe moment has fleeted and now the game is slowly but steadily starting to bug me...
Even though it looks amazing (my 3-year old rig is so l33t that I'm able to play it at max resolution and max quality while still maintaining the forced cap of 30 fps! ) and a lot of detail went into recreating 1947 L.A. and having facial motion capturing for EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE GAME!!!

The driving was already getting tedious immediately after the tutorial. It's impossible to drive one block without hitting a car or nearly running over a pedestrian, unless you want to drive at speeds suitable for Miss Daisy. And having your partner drive makes you miss all the street crime (which for some reason always ends with me putting a bullet in the perp's head - why can't any of them be calmed down or taken in peacefully?). Car chases are also proving impossible. Every one of those feels like I'm chasing Rémy Julienne.

This game should have had a difficulty slider for the action sequences. And the option to save at your own leisure.

Saving at your own leisure would also have helped with the interviews, because they're starting to get more and more illogical as the game progresses. The way the developer's mind works is not how mine works and interviews are becoming guessing games.

Also, why does Cole Phelps always immediately turn on the ALL CAPS RAGE! when you're doubting an interviewee's statement? Threatening with gratuitous violence is fine by me when dealing with an arrogant hard case, but this guy is immediately bullying sweet housewives if he doubts one little statement after having been told the truth on nearly all other subjects...

I sincerely hope the game gets better, because I was awed during my first two hours of play, but now I'm only getting more and more disappointed...
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