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Originally Posted by tsa View Post
Jazz, maybe you can convince your sister to come to Hastings. Or is she scared of adventure gamers?
Originally Posted by Jelena View Post
I agree!
I'll try. She's not afraid of Adventure Gamers at all. In fact, she used to play Adventure Games a lot too (though the last one she played was Monkey Island 4, as far as I recall).

She's not a people person though. But I'll try my best to get her to Hastings. Even if I have to drag her there kicking and screaming. (I won't be able to do much if she has weekend shift at the clinic, though ).

Originally Posted by RLacey View Post
I shall see. It's going to be very much university and exam-dependent, and I won't know for certain until a fair bit closer to the time.
Originally Posted by tsa View Post
I'd like Hammie to come too .
That would be great Robert.

And yes, it would be great if our Hammykins comes too!

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