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Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'm going to take a look at them.

There's been a slight change of plans though. We're not going to stay a week after all, due to concerns of missing things at university. So we're only staying from Friday to Tuesday, and will likely be staying in Hastings overnight for one or two nights too. So we'll be able to meet beforehand too.

We're going to arrive at Heathrow (stupid Lufthansa only flies to Heathrow from Frankfurt International Airport. The only flights to the other airports are from Frankfurt Hahn...and frankly, Frankfurt Hahn is about as far away from the actual city of Frankfurt (and the normal airport) as Hastings is away from Heathrow. O.o And Frankfurt Hahn doesn't have a proper train connection either, as far as I know. (If you ever go to Frankfurt by plane, pay the extra money to go to Frankfurt International. Seriously, 120 kms by car will cost about as much in the end, if not even more.). So yeah, Heathrow it is.

We'll arrive at about 14:15 at Heathrow, so if everything goes as planned, we'll probably arrive at Hastings at 17:00 latest. If that is completely implausible, please correct me. That is an estimate based on a complete lack of knowledge of the exisiting connection between Heathrow and Hastings.

So now we only have to book a hotel in Hastings for those one or two nights.

Also, Tibsie, are you going to come by too? Pretty please? I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd be more than happy to have you along, my friend.

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