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I was born in 1988 and by no means had a wealthy family. My experience began in DOS, which had a host of games from CRPG's to Adventures (Zork or the original Sierra adventures). Computers were indeed expernsive, but we were able to get one.

A lot of our experience came from my dad bring home shareware games from work (A paper manufacturing company), which they had a working computer there and a lot of employees played games on their free time.

My most fond memories came from a shareware game company that had Wiz in its name. Don't remember the full name lol. Duke Nukem 2, Doom, Wolf 3d, etc.

I wanted to be a game developer from a VERY early age, but by no means was it the product of being wealthy. Damn I miss modding wolf 3d and Duke Nukem 3d. Not to forget Arena and Daggerfall. I recall make a fantasy rpg mod for D3d. Scary spider monsters, portals, fantasy weapons, etc.

Oh not to forget about the original 3d fps Catacomb 3D. Fond memories indeed. Then again, I still think gaming is at its best now since despite focusing on holding your hand through the beginning of the game, games now are the best interactive story telling medium.
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