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I'm with Oscar, there hasn't been a single game that's a straight up drama which deals with everyday issues. Catherine blew my mind in that regard, but it has those gimmicky nightmare sequences. It doesn't have to be "A day in the life..." I'd be more interested in "In the life.." showing the struggles, losses, relationships and death of one man's life.
Also, I'm into crime dramas a lot and every game that has such subject matter, you either investigate murders or you commit the crimes yourself. I'd love to see something in the vain of "Brooklyn Rules", where three buddies try to see the days through, while mafia war is going on around them. Another example is "Half Nelson" with its flawed and real main character who's a drug addict and also a teacher. A game showing the struggles of a drug addict would be awesome.
A period piece showing the life of a dutch, or a slave would be interesting as well. There are vast amounts of ways and subject matters to tell a story that games haven't explored yet and I hope adventure games will eventually evolve into that.
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