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Just went to see Drive. Loved it!

Drive - 4 / 5
Not your typical action movie: Nicolas Winding Refn took a rather unusual approach to this. Dialogues were kept to a minimum (but what was present was sharp and sparking), tempo was low, the music was unsettling most of the time, the film itself was subtle at times yet very 'in your face' at others...
Instead of delivering an action movie, Winding Refn created something I can only describe as 'poetic'.
Add an incredible cast (Gosling and Mulligan are the top talents in their age group, Albert Brooks was actually scary instead of being his usual neurotic self, and Perlman just had to have his impressive mouth and chin present), and you have a surprisingly good film, one of the best this year!

I like Winding Refn's style. I'm definitely adding Valhalla Rising and the Pusher-trilogy to my list of movies to watch...
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