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Originally Posted by cbman View Post
... you should make a game you have personal enthusiasm for, rather than some imagined demographic because otherwise your lack of passion for it will show and it won't be a very good game.
I fully agree. In other words:

Originally Posted by fov
How much do you think of the audience when you're developing a game? Would knowing that the demographic is 50/50 male/female (theoretically) change the game you created? Does it depend on the game?
Originally Posted by Vincent Carella aka serpentbox
Zero. Zilch. Nada. We never (I never) thought about a target audience at all. It may sound silly or even pompous to say that, but I approach game design the same way I approach writing a novel or a screenplay. It's about the story. If it moves me, chances are it will move people like me. If someone told me to do a game for girls, I'd balk at that. If someone told me to do a game for boys I'd say no. I just want to make something immersive, compelling, believable, fun, gut-wrenching and cool. And the stories find you. If you wait and listen, they find you, and when that happens, you know it's right. So if you're thinking about target audiences, you're thinking like a marketeer, and marketeers don't make good games. Marketeers make slop.
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