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Hi everyone - I'm Matt. Hol and I work together and I'll also be on this project should we find a sufficiently popular idea.

I've had a read through the suggestions and compiled a list. If I've missed off your idea just shout out and I'll add it. Once the list is more or less exhaustive we'll get a poll going. I've added a few additional ideas on and some really cross over into one another but really it's trying to pin down the general theme of a game.

Next to each I've tried to list movies/games/books that I think give a good impression of what the core 'feel' of an idea is. The reason these are more general settings and themes is that it gets legally and morally awkward if we make a game out of someone elses fully-formed idea.

Cyberpunk [Bladerunner / Minority Report]
Police Negotiator [The Negotiator / Hostage]
Medival [Pillars of The Earth / The Name of The Rose]
Fantasy [Game of Thrones / Lord of The Rings]
Space [Moon / Alien]
Post-Apocalyptic [The Road / The Stand]
Thriller [Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy / Edge of Darkness]
Horror [The Orphanage / Dracula]
Stealth [Thief: The Dark Project / Hitman]
Period Mystery [Sherlock Holmes / Poirot]
Adventure [Indiana Jones / Tintin]
Mythological [Beowolf / Jason and the Argonauts]
Time Travel [Timeline / The Time Machine]

If anyone has any more ideas then just shout out! Also feedback on any of these is more than welcome, i.e. I'm fed up of [insert offending genre] games!

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