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Originally Posted by Holly_M View Post
Yes i agree, overclocked was a fantastic game. For once the protagonist wasn't initially someone you fell in love with, but you came to respect despite his flaws.
Exactly! People aren't like the protagonists in most adventuregames. They don't flow thorugh existence unaffected while cracking jokes. They have emotions and as a result sometimes say stupid things, do studid things, get themselves into trouble and have to wrestle hard to get out and sometimes that isn't even enough. Life is an ongoing struggle. From tiny problems such as there are no clean clothes to wear to big problems such as how do I feed my children? And you can't just solve all the world's problems by solving a few puzzles. If you want to tell a serious story no matter the genre you have to have characters with real emotions struggling to get through and build your story and puzzles around that. Not think of some puzzles, throw in a story and have a character glide through your design while saying some clever lines.
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