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Originally Posted by Arial Type View Post
I can hardly imagine anyone watching a movie or playing a game where the main hero just wake up every morning, have coffee and spend the rest of his day in an office...
It's how it is done that is important. Look at the best novellists, they can make the most mundane tasks - like hanging out the washing - fascinating by the way they describe it. Games aren't at that level yet.

I should bring up the interactive fiction game Bureaucracy by Douglas Adams. You are playing you in ordinary life, and you have to find ways around the obstacles put up by banks, ticket offices, various authorities to get your redirected mail. It is nothing out of the ordinary plotwise, but the way it portrays these situations is great. No one wants to play a game filling out bank withdrawal forms, but Adams makes it incredibly entertaining and challenging.

But that's interactive fiction - it would be harder to do in graphical adventure, though not impossible. The shopping centre section in Space Quest IV comes to mind, which is one of the most memorable parts of the series. (Yes it's got aliens and it's in space, but it could easily be done on earth with humans).

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