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Originally Posted by Oscar View Post
Movies are even catching on, even though the majority of them are still about giant explosions and murders. Why not games?
That depends on what you mean by "ordinary, everyday stuff". There are many dramas, romantic comedies, thrillers that deal with ordinary people in ordinary environment. But even then there's something extraordinary thrown in - like a bride that runs away from her wedding, or a dying boy. Something that might hold your interest. I can hardly imagine anyone watching a movie or playing a game where the main hero just wake up every morning, have coffee and spend the rest of his day in an office...

Then again, you may have a point here if developers pay close attention to something else, like interactivity. There was a game called Facade, a real-time artificial-intelligence experiment that took place in an ordinary flat with three ordinary people. It's completely forgotten now, but it was a majot talk at the time it came out.
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