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Originally Posted by Arial Type View Post
They offer realistic environment, characters and believable stories.
But if you're expecting real world problems and rutine, why play games then? Wouldn't it be boring as hell or The Sims?
Books, movies, videogames - they suppose to entertain you, or at least to surprise you in some way. Life itself surprises you now and then. Tunguska explosion happened, it is a mystery, aliens were spotted plenty of times. So why is it not possible that tomorrow it'll catch your interest and you'll stumble across some alien mind-control technology and cultists while investigating?
I see what you're saying - entertainment and art should have extraordinary topics as their subject, because this is more exciting. This has been the opinion of game and movie developers since their origins, as well as most forms of art. But other forms have broken that mold - the impressionists of painting rebelled against it by painting everyday scenes rather than religious scenes, or battles, or beautiful nude women. Some brilliant authors write about ordinary, everyday stuff - think DH Lawrence or Joyce who are far more exciting than a UFO-conspiracy novel or modern day crime thriller. Movies are even catching on, even though the majority of them are still about giant explosions and murders. Why not games?
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