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Ooh, a thread right up my alley (my name doesn't contain 'movieman' for nothing)!

Went to see The Ides of March and The Adventures of Tintin.

The Ides of March is an intelligent and dark political thriller that strikes a bit too close to home for comfort. Gloomy view on politics, but I really think it's the reality. A very good film if not a bit depressing...
And the cast is great. It's always a pleasure to see Philip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Giamatti at work (Giamatti is particularly evil in this one), and Ryan Gosling proves once again why he's the best actor of his generation (and I've been saying that ever since 'The Believer' in 2002!).
3.5 / 5

The Adventures of Tintin has its moments and really captures the atmosphere of the comics (and I'm Belgian, so I'm adamant about this). Everything looks great and the motion capturing is brilliant (when the characters talk, their tongues even move realistically!). There are a couple of action sequences that went overboard however, which kind of abstracted from the story. And I had hoped for a bit more Raiders of the Lost Ark type of adventure in the clue-following, but Spielberg and Jackson opted for more action, apparently. Technically great, but unfortunately style over substance...
At least Andy Serkis was awesome in it!
2.5 / 5

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