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I'm currently replaying some classic games, or discovering some old classics for the first time.

Now playing (more or less simultaneously):

- Deus Ex (First mission at the Statue of Liberty - just started this game, never played it before *gasp*)
Edit: just read there are some hi-res mods for this - will get these first and start over, it's not like I'll lose hours of gaming by restarting...

- Maniac Mansion (still early game also, and also never played it before - I always did prefer a "No Death"-policy)

- FIFA 12 (PC version, 3/4 into the first manager career season, would've gotten further if it didn't effing crash so much)

- Tennis Elbow 2011 (halfway through my first career season, if only I didn't insist on the max amount of sets/match, I'd be further into the game )

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