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I have a lot of fond memories of Gobliiins. The creators - Pierre Gilhodes & Muriel Tramis - are very talented indeed. They came up with a completely new style of adventure gaming. I don't agree when people call them "pixel hunting puzzlers". There's much more to them, with those little stories told through still pictures and heavy-animated characetrs. Games like Woodruff, Goblins 3 and Inca demonstrated some serious storytelling.

I read that at first Gobliiins were supposed to be much more complicated, mixing several genres. That's were those RPG characters (fighter, mage & thief, come on!) came from. I guess they made a right turn.
Although I was a bit dissapointed with the last installmetnt by Gildhodes. It really lacks originality and pixel art.

Oh, and you can run Gobliiins as well as other Coktel games with ScummVM easily. Although there's trouble with scrolling in Goblins 3.
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