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Default Gobliiins

Anyone a fan of this series?

Gobliiins 4 came out a few years ago and despite an AG review it seemed to go unnoticed. I recently played it and found it to be tremendous fun. I haven't played the originals for a long time - I played them when I was young and found them too hard, so I must go back to them and try again. Some of the solutions can be frustrating and obtuse, but given that there are limited actions you can do, I prefer it that way.

Once of the things I love about it is it's not afraid to declare what it is, and what essentially all adventure games are. It shouts out loudly "THIS IS A PUZZLE - SOLVE IT!" and there's no covering that up with a flimsy story, although there is a story to the game. In some ways it is 'only' a puzzle game, but I think that underestimates the series. I don't have a strong incentive to solve a random slider puzzle, but for some reason the puzzles in Gobliiins demand to be solved, in some strange way.

It's also unique in having several characters working together at the same time to solve a puzzle, predating Lost Vikings (which was obviously inspired heavily by Gobliiins) by a year.

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