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Default A tribute to Legend Entertainment games

The games made by Legend in the late 80s to early 90s are sadly neglected by adventure gamers. While they have a somewhat cult audience, the bulk of adventure fans will not have played them. Those who have played them will look back on them with no small amount of nostalgia. I feel they surely deserve a place alongside Lucasarts games, Kings Quests and Gabriel Knights.

So to all new initiates and nostalgics, let's embark with a guided tour through these classic games!


A series of 3 games, you are a student sorcerer plunged into a save-the-world situation. There are very funny jokes and situations throughout the whole game, which uses a zork-like text interface where you type in what you want to do, but this was updated later to a selection from a list of verbs.

Eric The Unready

This is an hilarious zork-like medieval adventure. It has a great interface where you select from a long list of verbs and also has a list of objects - no pixel hunting! You get a map as well, so no getting lost. Overall a fantastic experience everyone should try.

Gateway 1 + 2

Two games which are basically one split into two parts. The interface is similar to Eric, and the sci-fi themes are fascinating and very involving with the ability to explore many locations and worlds.

Companions of Xanth

One of the funniest games ever made, it's a fantasy adventure where you are sent a game from a friend, and upon starting it up you are sucked into your computer into the world of Xanth. The interface is improved from earlier games. Lots of lateral thinking puzzles. You can click an action on literally anything and get a humorous response.

Death Gate

A more serious game than Xanth, but still highly entertaining. It's based on a series of fantasy books, so if you're into elves and dwarves you'll love this. The graphics have improved from Xanth and is also on the easier side.


The last of the fantasy games from Legend and the last one to use the same interface, this one involves some (very minor) RPG elements like combat. Great graphics, voice acting and story.

Mission Critical

Back to the sci-fi theme, this one features real actors including Michael Dorn from Star Trek. The universe they managed to create is vibrant and unique, with an amazing story.

Callahan's Crosstime Saloon

My personal favorite, a quirky and hilarious journey through time and space. You will meet all kinds of zany characters and solve puzzles to save the universe. This really is a must play game for any adventure fan.

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