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Well, I've had to study criminal law. It was my last exam before having everything I needed for my bachelor's papers (which, by the way I still haven't gotten thanks to the very same exam - I got it through too late). It's huge, it's boring (for the most part) and it was a pain in the proverbial arse.

It was only the third time that I got it through this spring, I had the pleasure of finding out that I had failed the previous one (which I was confident at passing) on holiday in Rome. A nice little addition to the relaxation there, especially since the redo was within a week, so instead of coming home to vacation, I came home to a week of rather intense re-reading. Of (at that point) really irritating material.

Thank god that's over now (it wasn't that bad at first, but on the third time it was like, well, this: ).
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