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GTA IV went in the direction that Mafia, and is much closer to Red Dead Redemption in terms of seriousness than the older GTA games (that is, everything up to the last gen games). Some say that's why GTA IV isn't as loved as the GTA 3 series of games (3, Vice City and San Andreas), because the great stuff was stripped away, like the extreme sarcasm and parody, which is toned way down in GTA IV). Saint's Row, however, have stepped up to the plate and continued where GTA San Andreas left off, and they've only become better and better. Really looking forward to Saint's Row the Third.

However, I quite like the mature nature of the GTAIV series, but not as much as I love the Mafia games, and Red Dead Redemption is probably going to end up being perhaps my number one game experience this gen. Absolutely brilliant game.
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