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^ Xaaaaoh!

Thanks to a tip from a certain demon from Outer Zoobonia in the Trialviron system , you get in touch with someone named Dwight Zzaxqwkkkptooishlurgg St. James in Avebury (y'know, near Stonehenge and all those mysterious crop circles). He gives you a great deal on his spacecraft which he hasn't used since he landed nearly 35 Earth years ago and has kept hidden in his garage buried under some rubbish. You take off in the spacecraft for a test drive, but unfortunately, after a few minutes of flying past Neptune, you run out of energy. Dwight didn't get a chance to mention that his ship runs on fuel based on shatnerium (which, as it turns out, won't be discovered on Earth until 2165), so you continue to drift helplessly towards the edge of the solar system. When all hope seems lost, you see another spacecraft approaching rapidly. However, the craft is full of irresponsible joyriding Inner Zoobonian teens who collide with Dwight's craft, causing it to explode, and their damaged space vehicle begins to hurtle uncontrollably towards Earth.

I wish I didn't have such a warped imagination.
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