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Oh, I hadn't heard that...

With what's happening in Norway though, I can't but help indifferent.

To me, even though every death is a tragedy, the death of someone who abuses drugs and alcohol etc. is rarely one that... Well, like Luna said, not really surprised. People are so shocked and "surprised" but you can see it coming and they kinda bring it on themselves.

To be clear though, this isn't a statement about Amy Winehouse, I had nothing against her, but I'm just tired of people acting shocked when these rockstars who live the "rockstar life" die. And still people think it's so cool.

Anyways, Amy Winehouse at least had some original music in this mainstream junk, so she'll be missed in the midst of that.

I'm really tired, by the way, so I'm just blabbering anything now. Sorry if this seemed like an outburst...
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