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I think that there are several issues going on here. One is the thought that there aren't mature adventures. They may not be common, but the subject GK series fits the bill. As does Post Mortem/Still Life, Black Dahlia and others that all are more recent than the original Sins of the Fathers.

Then one has to take into consideration the origin of the games. Back in the "Golden Age" almost all of the games were developed in the US. Sierra, LucasArts and a few others led the way. Now, virtually every game is developed in Eastern Europe. Nothing wrong with that, but what constitutes a "mature" game in Ukraine may be totally different from what those in NYC think of same.

And I agree with a prior poster that thought bringing up this topic 10+ years after SotF came out is a little/too late, even if he/she was only quoting an article.
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