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I agree with the notion that what is really the crux of this, more directly or correctly to the point, is that the problem isn't specifically about humor or maturity or any of these particularities...

It's about the amount of twaddle.

And, as with everything, whether it be music, books, television or film, there is an awful lot of absolute rubbish.

And it is a shame.

The technological know-how and creative talent certainly exists to achieve all that has been envisioned, but the "business-minded" honchos are, by one of the flaws in the system, at best, conservative, and, usually, utterly reactionary. And it feeds back. So we get wondrous technology squandered on idiotic crap... for example have you seen this? That is some fantastic tech there entirely wasted boosting up what some might call "mature content" when, in fact, it's nothing more than abject, childish, stupid and stupefying junk.

Time and time again when some well-received, highly successful, "game-changing" media (of any format listed above -- television, movies, etc) is retrospectively evaluated, the principal principle is "never underestimate the audience's intelligence".

Yet they continue to fall back into rehash and "refine" until we are left with heaps of lowest-common-denom...
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