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Anyway, I played through KQ 1-5 or 6 in XP on Windows on the Mac. (I had already played through KQ 4 by the time I got all the GS emulator stuff all working). Halfway through 5 or 6, I happened to discover that I could play the games on Mac directly instead of playing them on Windows because there is a DOSBox version available on Macs. (More on that later because I have a question regarding that.) So then I got to KQ 7. I had switched over to playing the XP version of the game after the order arrived --which was before I played KQ 2.

Everything went fine -- except that I couldn't save on KQ 5. I created a folder on my computer to save to, though, and I just changed directories, and it was fine.

Then, I came into another problem on KQ7. (Now, mind you, I was playing the XP collection, the one that I assumed was better and would work on XP with no problem, and I was playing an original copy). Everything went just fine until I got into chapter 5. When I went to have the character pick up the fire cracker, boom -- she exploded, ending the game. When I tried it again, instead of taking me back to a safe point before she died, she died immediately. And I kept repeating that a couple times. Finally, I decided that I had messed up, so I tried ending the game there. When I clicked on exit, it saved the game at that spot When I tried playing that game, I died right away. There was nothing I could do.

Frustrated, and assuming that the mistake was my fault, I decided to try to play the other version of the game -- the one from the first collection that I had...because I thought I remembered that that version had bookmarks. I couldn't remember what the bookmarks were like, but the XP collection didn't have the bookmark feature. If I wanted to save the game, I would have to have it "quit" and then it would save the game where I was. This happened, despite the documentation still saying that F5 would make it save. (On a Mac I have to hold down the fn key when I press F5, but it's still supposed to work.)

So...I started all over again....I played all the way to the exact same point in the game -- to the fire cracker. I liked having the bookmark feature, even though playing it off the CD was a little slower. Pressing Fn + F5 worked to save the game anytime that I wanted to without quitting. I actually had choices about what I wanted to do.

It didn't take long for me to realize that the manual that is included with the XP collection in the PDF is the exact same as the printed manual that came with the first collection...the only difference was that some of the things were deleted -- however, they forgot to delete the part about bookmarking in the PDF, since they had removed that feature.

Anyway, so the fire cracker thing happened...and the same soon as she touched it, she exploded. When I "tried again" she would explode immediately. There was nothing I could do. Sigh.... so I knew that either I wasn't doing something right, or there was some sort of bug in the game. So I googled it...and I came across this forum.

I downloaded the patches that were in the help thread about this topic. I haven't tried playing the game a third time yet, though. I downloaded both patches to both collections...thought I might as well.

I have not tried to play KQ 7 again -- because I wanted to check to make sure that there were no more bugs in the game. From what I understand, the DOSBox updates should make it possible to play the game without any problem. However, since I've had to restart it twice, I wanted to ask this question:

With the installed patches that I found in another thread in this forum, should I encounter any more problems with KQ7?
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